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fruit and vegetable handling systems

Videos of a few of the vegetable handling systems Haith manufacture.

Videos of potato and other vegetable washing, grading, peeling, topping, polishing and packing equipment

Haith design, manufacture install and maintain vegetable processing systems

Videos of Haith equipment in action - Simply click to play any video, below.

Haith Rotatip Auto Eject Box Tippler - Patented Design Haith Potato Washing and Packing System
Haith Root-Veg Polisher / Dryer Haith Beetroot Washing and Grading
Haith Sprout Grading & Packing Haith Cabbage Trimming and Weighing System
Haith Clod and Stone separator Haith Hydrocooler
Haith new generation polisher - European patent applied for Haith Potato intake grader
Haith Parsnip washing and packing lines Haith Potato Washing & packing system
Haith Carrot washing System Haith Potato Grading System
Haith Mobile Washing Systems Haith Carrot Washing, Grading & Processing lines
More fruit and vegetable processing machine videos ..