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The Haith brush polisher has been designed for polishing root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, red beet and swedes and with its robust design can handle the most abrasive products such as shellfish taken direct from the sea bed.

With vast experience in vegetable washing gained over the last 60 years the Haith brush polisher produces a superior finished vegetable, increased shelf life and with the unique brush system imperfections from the outer surface are removed allowing increased pack out and reducing waste giving a short term pay back on the investment.

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Haith RootVeg Peeler Polisher - shown with and without water recycling system

Haith have tested many brush configurations to be able to offer the optimum in bristle design to suit the type of crop being polished, there is a strict relationship between bristle stiffness, tuft size and pattern to achieve the right results for each particular vegetable. With the technology gained the end results are vegetables that have a bright colour, keep their shine and stay fresh for longer giving a superior product when packed in plastic bags or loose, which attracts higher sales over vegetables washed in a standard barrel or flat bed brush system.

Patented roller design - combination of carborundum and bristle

As with all machinery supplied by Haith the brush polisher is built to industrial standards to give hours of trouble free running, the machine is manufactured in 304 stainless steel and comes complete with inverter speed control to independently drive brush and barrel speed.

Much development has gone into this machine to reduce downtime or maintenance.
A special bearing system has been designed to make the removal of brush rollers simple and rollers can be removed from the outside of the machine. Brushes are in segments therefore if a brush or part of the brush is damaged a section can easily be replaced keeping costs to a minimum.

The Haith brush polisher can be supplied with a water recycling system, which will reduce the water consumption to around 1cubic meter per hour, as standard we have a drum spray system to clean the brush rollers at the end of a shift.

The barrel is supported and driven by heavy duty kevlar banded belts, the brush rollers are driven at both ends by V-belts giving positive control of the rollers and preventing any slipping when the polisher is working hard.
Polisher has easy access panels on both sides for maintenance and inspection Cartridge brush roller makes roller removal and maintenance easy, special bearing system giving long life
Unique air bag system - to adjust barrel operating angle and vary speed of flow through machine
  • Cassette type brush roller with quick release bearing system
  • Rollers easily removable from outside of drum
  • Belt suspended barrel 'V' belt roller drive giving silent running and extended life, no barrel support wheels or guides
  • Separate inverter speed control on barrel and brush rollers
  • PROVEN BRUSH TECHNOLOGY - with segmented brush rollers for easy maintenance
  • Regreasable triple sealed roller bearings for extended life
  • Water recycling system and pump
  • Bespoke brush design to suit your application
  • Separate inverter speed control on barrel and brush rollers.
Suspending the barrel on twin banded 'V' belts gives silent low maintenance running whilst the drive belt configuration eliminates the need for barrel guides or retaining rollers, reducing maintenance costs even further. A further advantage of this drive configuration is the ability to run the barrel in either direction effectively extending the working life of the brushes.
Haith have been supplying vegetable washing machinery for the last 60 years, calling on their vast experience you can be sure to get the right specification to polish your carrots, potatoes, parsnip and swedes to meet the high standards required for today's market.

TALK TO THE EXPERTS and we will design the right system to suit your requirements.

Potato, Parsnip and Carrot Polishing
Potatoes shown above are Barrel washed only, those below are washed in the Haith Brush Washer system
Shellfish Washing - before and after

left: Shellfish Washing, Before and After

The Haith polisher with its robust design can handle the most abrasive products as the picture shows washing shellfish taken direct from the sea bed, it will take out the waste material and give you an excellent finished product.

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