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To help you find a particular product this page lists all pages on the Haith website.

  • About Haith
    Company information for The Haith Group - from its beginnings as a small agricultural engineering company to present day operations.
  • Agents
    Full list of Agents for Haith Potato and Vegetable Grading, Handling / Processing Machinery and Equipment, Worldwide.
  • Box & Bag Filling
    High Capacity Box and Bag Filling Systems including: Supafill Box Filler, Supertip for Bags and Boxes, Vertifill Bag/Box Filler (Twin or Single Head ), Rotatip Side Eject System, Single Corner Tip Hydraulic filler, 5 Ton Box filling System.
  • Box & Bag Tipping
    High Capacity Bag and Box Tipping / Tippling Equipment including: Rotatip Side Eject System, Automatic Twin Tippling System and Centre Pivot Box Rotator (also, dedicated page for: Haith Rotatip Box Tippler).
  • Case Studies
    Some of the Potato / Vegetable Handling Facilities Haith have Implemented for Our Customers.
  • Contact Us
    Ways to Contact The Haith Group - Response Form, Email and Telephone, plus Location Map.
  • Conveyors
    Potatoes and other Vegetables and Fruit Conveying and Elevating Equipment including: Elevated and Swan Necked Machines, Modular Belt Conveyors, Packing Conveyors with Tray Holding Systems and Spreading Conveyors.
  • Defect Sorting
    Inspection and Sorting Equipment suitable for close inspection of Potato, Carrot, Parsnip, Onion, Beetroot etc - Inspecting for Green, Rot, Black Spot, Silver Scurf, Stone, Wood and Metal.
  • De-Stoning
    Destoning Equipment suitable for Potatoes, Carrots, Sweded, Red Beet and Parsnips - Stone and Clod Separators, Washing Systems including Barrel Washers, Flume De-Stoners and Verticle Screw De-Stoners.
  • Feeders
    Feeder Equipment including: Store Feeders with Traversing Fill Conveyor, Line Feeders (above and below ground level), Bulk Line Feeders for Constant Product Flow with Flow Control Gates and more.
  • Grading
    Grading Equipment including the Haith Superflow Range, Sizers with Agitated System, Scroll Toppers and Tailers, Starwheel Soil Extractors, Roller Inspection Tables, Split Belt Inspection, Turn Over Rollers, TRP Rollastar Soil & Clod Remover, Lift Roller Graders and more.
  • Hydro Cooling
    Hydro Cooling for Potatoes and a Variety of other Vegetables including Carrots, Parsnips - Capacity from 1 - 30TPH, all Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Home
    Index page for this website (features photographs with enlargements for examples of Potato / Vegetable Handling Equipment).
  • Palletising & Robotics
    For all your Palletising needs - Kawasaki Standard and Custom Built Robotic Systems for Box and Bag Handling / Pick and Place Systems and Crate and Pallet Positioning.
  • Pre-soak Tank
    Pre Soak Tanks for High Capacity Potato and Vegetable Washing, Soil and Clod Removal / Soil Extraction - Stainless Steel Soak Tanks - Complete Systems Designed and Installed.
  • Packhouse Equipment
    Potato Soil and Clod Removal; Washing, Polishing, Drying (and Waste Water Treatment) Inspection, Weight Grading, Box / Bag Tippling, Packing, Pick and Place Systems for Pre-packs and Robot Palletising.
  • Site Map
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  • Spares
    Spares for all of our machinery and equipment, including Brushes, Sprockets, Belts, Bearings, Fixings, Chains, Rollers, Pumps and Springs.
  • Stainless Process Equipment
    Stainless Steel Equipment for every stage of Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Handling / Processing, including: Brush and Barrel Washers, Inspection Equipment, Destoners, Weighing & Sizing Equipment, Hoppers, Elevators and Conveyors.
  • Videos
    Videos of Haith Equipment in Action - including: Machinery for Washing, Grading, Peeling, Topping, Polishing and Packing.
  • Potato Packing
    Packing and Handling Systems and Equipment Information.. High Capacity Processing Systems Designed and Installed.
  • Peeling
    Potato Peeling Equipment, Complete Systems for Potatoes (and Swedes, Carrots, Onions and Parsnips).
  • Polishing
    Brush Polishing Equipment for Potatoes and Root Vegetables (Also Shellfish) - Complete Polishing Systems Designed and Built for Purpose.
  • Washing
    Vegetable Washing Equipment - including High Capacity Mobile Washing Systems, Barrel Washers with Automatic Sludge Extraction for High Volume Washing and more.. Complete Turnkey Systems Designed and Installed.